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There are many landowners in Maryland who have acres of forest that eventually gets overgrown needs to be thinned out, a necessary step in sustaining the forest from tree and shrub overcrowding.

Projects To Make From The Trees In Your Yard

Homeowners planning on getting rid of trees in their yard might want to consider having a lumber mill in Baltimore County cut the trees for them. This is not very expensive to do, and the homeowner can take the wood home to create a number of projects.

Live Edge Dining Table or Bar

Right now, trends are leaning toward live edge tables and bars. One or two of the edges of a piece of wood will be left intact rather than cut to be perfectly straight. The wood is cut to size and treated with a sealant to protect it, then used in the bar as a countertop or as the top of a table for the dining room. These can be easy to make and make a big difference in the look of the home.

Heirloom Bed

The wood cut from a tree in the yard can be used to make a fantastic bed the homeowner will love using every night. The homeowner can choose from any number of styles and find the plans for different beds online to make it easier to create one they'll love. They can also get the wood and create their own plan for a bed that's going to last many years and still look great.

Coffee Table

Slices of the tree, both vertical and horizontal, can be used to make a coffee table that really stands out. These can have a live edge like dining room tables or bars, or the person can cut the wood to their own specifications and create a coffee table using any design they might prefer.

Heirloom Furniture for the Home

Just about any piece of furniture the homeowner has can be made using wood from their own trees. The furniture they make will look gorgeous and last for many years provided the woodworking is done properly and the furniture is taken care of.

If you have some trees to be removed and you'd like to keep the wood to do a few projects, contact a lumber mill today to find out how much it costs to have the wood cut and to learn about any size restrictions they might have. Visit the website for Edrich Lumber now to get the information you need.